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FARB: Architecture by bicycle

Modern architecture in Groningen

For years the city of Groningen has been known for the opportunities it creates for daring, experimental and unusual architecture. From all over the world people came and come to see the Wall House #2, the Groninger Museum, the Gasunie (the Dutch Gas Union) and the Blue Moon pavilions.

Apart from being a city of architecture, Groningen is also a true city of bicycles. For its 180.000 inhabitans there are 306.000 bikes. Almost 40 percent of all local travel is done by bike. Not suprising, as in Groningen a bicycle often gets you from A to B faster than a car. City bikes, granny bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes... in Groningen the bike is the most efficient means of transport.

FARB challenges you to take your bicycle and experience the city's architecture yourself. Not just the internationally renowned 'highlights', but also more hidden examples of modern architecture that are as interesting, if not more so. Thus FARB is not only a bicycle touring guide - it also offers a fine overview of the extraordinary architecture in Groningen.



Onderzoek en tekstMartin Bril, Bram Esser, Vanessa Croonen, Gabriël de Graauw, Peter Michiel Schaap, Bregit Jansen
RedactieBregit Jansen, Peter Michiel Schaap, Gabriël de Graauw
VormgevingRudo Menge / Menge*Ontwerp
FotografieWim te Brake
DrukHet Grafisch Huis